Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

8/13/2017: UCSD Statement: Response to This Weekend's Tragic Events in Virginia


Like many of you, we, the UC San Diego administration, watched this weekend’s horrific incidents unfold in Virginia with a mix of outrage, frustration and sorrow. We condemn this vile display of inhumanity, hatred and violence; extend our condolences to the family and friends of those who lost their lives and were injured; and stand in solidarity with our colleagues at the University of Virginia. We extend our support to all members of our campus community, particularly those who feel the impact of this hatred most acutely.

We take this opportunity to state unequivocally that white nationalism, like all forms of identity-based hatred, is antithetical to our mission. We are firmly committed to creating a culture of inclusion on our campus, a goal we continue to strive toward and from which we will not waver. Respect and dignity for all—regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability or background—are of paramount importance to our mission as an educational institution.

Now more than ever we appreciate the role we all play in supporting our colleagues and our classmates, and we encourage all members of our campus community to stand up and speak out against all acts of bigotry. Furthermore, we ask that victims of, or witnesses to, such incidents report them to Campus Police by calling 911 or to the UC San Diego Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD). Reports can be submitted at https://ophd.ucsd.edu/report-bias/index.html.

Those seeking to sow division with hate-filled ideology do not represent the values of UC San Diego. Let us use this moment to focus our efforts to create the healthy society and educational community we all deserve.

Pradeep K. Khosla

Peter Cowhey
Interim Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

David A. Brenner
Vice Chancellor – Health Sciences
Dean, School of Medicine

Margaret Leinen
Vice Chancellor – Marine Sciences
Director, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Sandra Brown
Vice Chancellor – Research

Kaustuv Roy
Chair, Academic Senate

Juan C. Gonzalez
Vice Chancellor – Student Affairs

Gary C. Matthews
Vice Chancellor – Resource Management and Planning

Pierre Ouillet
Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer

Becky Petitt
Vice Chancellor – Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Patty Maysent
Chief Executive Officer for UC San Diego Health


CAPS Diversity Efforts: History

CAPS has a strong history of commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. From its inception in the 1970s, the foundations of CAPS were built upon innovative forms of service delivery and training of professionals. Part of this nontraditional approach stemmed from the community-based, de-centralized composition of UCSD. Accordingly, CAPS was “decentralized” across the campus, with staff housed and linked to the college and campus communities. In theory, this meant that traditional barriers to services could be broken. In practice, this meant making a concerted effort to developing multiculturally responsive services and programs that would promote access to ALL students. CAPS continues to challenge itself to develop and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in its offerings, including clinical services, outreach, consultation, and research.

Current Events

Recent diveristy-related issues and events locally, nationally, and in the world have had an impact on our campus community. CAPS remains a committed presence on our campus to provide support for our students and community. With each situation that has affected our community, CAPS has been asked to provide immediate and long-term assistance to our communities through direct service, consultation, and outreach. We welcome these requests and view it as our (and our campus') mission for equity and inclusion. Below is a list of our current Diversity Efforts:

CAPS Diversity Efforts

Category Program Description
Forums Asian American Community Forum Drop-in Forum to discuss issues pertinent to Asian American students.
First Generation College Student Forum Drop-in Forum to for first generation students.
Forum for Undocumented Students Drop-in Forum to discuss issues pertinent to undocumented students.
Black Women's Collective Drop-in Forum to discuss issues pertinent to African American women students.
Campus Black Forum Drop-in Forum to discuss issues pertinent to African American students.
Graduate Students of Color Forum Drop-in Forum to discuss issues for graduate students of color.
Graduate Women in Science and Engineering Forum Forum to discuss issues pertinent to graduate women in the sciences.
Women's Relationship Forum (for Lesbian, Bisexual, & Queer Women) Drop-in Forum for lesbian, bisexual, and queer women.
Latina/o & Chicana/oForum Drop-in Forum to discuss issues pertinent to Latina/o and Chicana/o students.
Outside the Box Forum Drop-in Forum to discuss issues pertinent to multi-ethnic and multi-racial students.
Groups & Workshops ADHD Support Group Support group that addresses attention-deficit issues.
Coming Out Group Support group that addresses coming-out and sexual identity issues
Gay Men's Relationship Group Support group for men to address relationship issues.
Goals in Action Workshop Workshop to promote academic success strategies. Attendees are often from first generation populations.
International Summit Workshop Workshop to build skills and strategies often faced by international graduate students.
Steps to Success Workshop Workshop to build skills and strategies often faced by international undergraduate students
Outreach Diversity Training Multiple trainings on diversity and multiculturalism for student leaders.
Summer Bridge College Success Strategies course taught by CAPS staff; Academic Transition Counselor supervision by CAPS staff.
Conference Participation Presentations at student conferences on multicultural topics.
Consulation Allies Committee Student Affairs diversity workgroup.
Campus Diversity-Based and EDI Comittees Membership in multiple high level campus diversity committees.
Consultation to Campus Community Centers CAPS liaison and ongoing consultation with Campus Community Centers (LGBT Resource Center, Women's Center, Cross Cultural Center, Raza Resource Centro, Black Student Resource Center).
Research Publications by CAPS Staff Of the 34 publications by CAPS staff, one third (12) relate multiculturalism and working with non-traditional populations.
Diversity Research CAPS is engaging in multiple diversity-based research projects, including retention studies, risk rates in students of color, and impact of diversity-based outreach.
Training Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program APPIC-approved Post-Doc program emphasizes training on multicultural competencies and social justice.
Diversity Training for CASP Staff Ongoing continuing education and in-service trainings for staff on multicultural competence.