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Groups, Workshops, & Forums at CAPS

Group approaches to personal growth are frequently the most effective way to explore and support changes you may wish to make in your life.  Through these formats, students can gain specific skills and strategies to meet personal goals, explore areas that present personal challenges, and gain support and encouragement from other students. CAPS offers a wide range of Groups in various formats to serve the diverse needs of the UCSD Community. These formats are:

  • Psychotherapy & Support Groups
  • Psycho-Educational Workshops
  • Forums 
Psychotherapy Groups and Growth/Support Groups
These groups typically meet weekly throughout the quarter except where indicated.  Regular attendance is expected.  To join one of these groups, please contact the leader(s) to get more information.
Psycho-Educational Workshops
Workshops also meet weekly. Because these workshops focus on the acquisition and practice of specific skills, these workshops typically meet for a shorter period of time (e.g., one quarter) than the other group formats. To join one of our workshops, please contact the leader(s) to get more information. 
Forums are drop-in groups that meet throughout the academic year and do not require weekly attendance. You do not need to contact the Forum leader to attend the group.

To see which groups are running this quarter (and when/where they are run), or to sign up for a group, please click on the group Schedule and Sign-Up for a Group! tabs on this page. If you have any further questions about Groups, please contact the CAPS Central Office at (858) 534-3755.

Psychotherapy & Support Groups

  • ADHD Support Group Dane Ripellino, PsyD / 858-534-1725 If you think you have symptoms of ADHD, this may be the group for you. A 4 wk group, covering 4 topics related to ADHD, we share our own experiences, strengths and strategies for success with ADHD. Contact Dr. Dane Ripellino 858-534-1725 to set up an initial meeting..
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics Group Judy Goodman Fermin, PhD / 858-534-3755 This is a therapy group for students who have grown up in a family with alcohol abuse and want to work through personal issues. Previous psychotherapy is recommended.
  • Beyond Food and Body TBD / 858-534-3755 This is a therapy group for students who have had prior treatment for their struggles with food and body image. Topics include self-esteem, family dynamics, relationships, and gender roles. Group members form the basis of mutual support towards goals of personal and physical well-being.
  • Building Social Confidence Group Tiffany O'Meara, PhD / 858-534-1579 Would you like to improve the quality of social interactions and the availability of social support? This group focuses on identifying fears related to social situations, reducing self-defeating coping patterns and strengthening effective social skills. It combines an educational and support approach. Topics covered are tailored for each group, and have included building conversation skills (how to start, sustain, and end conversations), assertiveness training, how to speak up in class, and how to reduce anxiety in social situations such as dating, parties, or professional meetings.
  • Building Social Confidence Group - Advanced Tiffany O'Meara, PhD / 858-534-1579 This is a group for students who have completed one quarter of the Building Social Confidence group and would like to continue to work on reducing anxiety in social situations and increasing their self-confidence. Students get more individualized attention in this group, and topics are dictated by the group members. Come share your own experiences and challenges, and get feedback and support from a caring group of students who share similar experiences. Once you've completed one BSC group, you may join the Advanced group at any time while you are here at UCSD!
  • Coming Out Group Cathy Thompson, PhD / 858-534-3987 The Coming Out group is a place to meet and gain support while discussing your sexual and/or gender identities in a confidential setting. This group is for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, straight, or questioning folks who are coming out, considering coming out or may already be out. Topics are determined by group participants and can include stress, fear, anxiety, loneliness, excitement and celebration with regard to coming out.
  • Graduate Student Support Group 2 groups: Christina Lambert, PhD 858-534-3035 / Elise Curry, PsyD 858-534-2312 Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Wonder how you can balance all the demands in your life? Concerned about relationships with your roommates, colleagues or advisors? Wonder if you can make a love relationship work? Then come to this support group designed to help you live successfully as a graduate student at UCSD. You have invested years of work and study to reach your goals, why not invest a short time each week to help you function at your best?
  • Through Grief & Loss Support Group Nancy Wahlig / SARC / 858-534-5793 Are you grieving the loss of a partner, family member, or friend? Grief will continue to adversely affect our lives and those around us when we accept these MYTHS ABOUT GRIEF: All losses are the same; Time heals all wounds; Replace the loss; Grieve on your own; Be strong for others; Bury your feelings; Don’t talk about it. Join the Grief & Loss Support Group to: Discuss and explore grief in a safe, supportive environment of peers; Process your own loss experience and help others with their grieving; Find solace, connection, and support; Learn various ways to heal and learn from grief and loss. Interested? Led by Ros Allina (Student Health Services). 858-246-0469.
  • Interpersonal Process Group Stephanie Salo, PsyD / 858-534-3755 This group will provide an opportunity to relate to others, gain social skills, and learn more about yourself in the process.
  • Mindfulness for Depression Group Elise Curry, PsyD / 858-534-2312 Mindfulness based cognitive therapy group (Relapse prevention for Depression): This is an 8 week therapy group designed to help students who have had depressive episodes in the past. This group was designed by Zindel Segal and John Teasdale who studied under Jon Kabot-Zinn. There are several randomized controlled trials indicating a large treatment effect for this approach in preventing relapse from depression. You will learn meditation techniques and cognitive strategies to live a happier more productive life.
  • Sexual Assault Survivors Group Nancy Wahlig, LCSW / SARC / 858-534-5793 In a safe environment, this group will look at how the sexual assault (rape and attempted rape) continues to affect members’ day-to-day living. Even if the assault happened months or years ago, you are invited to participate in this group. Leader: Nancy Wahlig, LCSW, 858-534-5793. This group is co-sponsored by the Sexual Assault & Violence Prevention Resource Center.

Psychoeducational Workshops

  • ADVANCE Peak Performance Workshop Erin Bartelma / 858-534-3755 Formerly "Goals in Action," this new workshop series has been restructured to have you meet your full potential and find your balance. ADVANCE is an interactive workshop series based on Peak Performance Psychology techniques to help you flourish in the classroom and in life. This structured 3-meeting workshop provides guidance and support for your academic success. Strategies discussed are talking with faculty, time management, and accessing campus academic support resources. You can sign up online on our Signup page.
  • Angry Situations Workshops Greg Koch, PsyD / 858-534-3585 Dr. Koch facilitates two anger workshops: Relaxation for Angry Situations and Thought Exercises for Angry Situations. Through structured skills training, students can work on ways to manage difficult situations and manage your mood, thoughts, and actions.
  • Anxiety Reduction Workshops TBD / 858-534-3755 This popular workshop provides structured strategies to identify, reduce, and manage stress. Students are build cognitive skills to identify stress, relaxation training, and preventative strategies..
  • Insomnia Workshop TBD / 858-534-3755 Sleepless in San Diego? Are you longing for a good night's sleep? If so, you are invited to participate in the Insomnia Workshops. Here you can (1) learn about the nature and causes of insomnia, (2) receive concrete suggestions on how to improve sleep, and (3) receive referrals for additional resources.
  • International Summit for Graduate Students Rina Schul / 858-534-1768 Come to meet with other international graduate students. This is an opportunity to network, share survival tips & relax in a friendly atmosphere. Meets at the International Center.
  • Leadership Training for Student Athletes Rhonda Hackshaw, PhD / 858-534-5981 The goal of the Leadership Training Workshop is to facilitate the development of our student-athletes’ leadership skills, in hopes to promote strong, effective leaders and success for each UC San Diego Intercollegiate Athletics Team. Following the general outline of Jeff Janssen’s The Team Captain’s Leadership Manual, the workshop highlights peak performance and mental training techniques, learning and use of effective and healthy communication, strategies to increase team cohesion and connection, and minimization/management of conflict.
  • Love Lessons: Couples Workshop Greg Koch, PsyD / 858-534-3585 Are you beginning a relationship you want to keep? Do you want to enrich and deepen an already good relationship? Are you having difficulties in your relationship and want to resolve long-standing conflicts? Do you want to learn how to successfully repair trust in your relationship? Are you undecided about continuing your relationship? If you said “Yes” to any of these questions, then this workshop is for YOU! Love Lessons is a workshop specifically designed to help couples truly discover the joy of being together. Goals for the workshop are to: Successfully express your own desires; Get to the root of your problems and dissolve them; Create romance, fun and intimacy.
  • Peace of Mind Workshops Christina Lambert, PhD / 858-534-3035 Are you feeling depressed, anxious, stressed out, or overwhelmed by emotions? The Peace of Mind weekly workshops are 1 hour drop-in workshops and each workshop covers a different topic. You can come to one or you can come to them all. We will teach you about the following topics. Stress Tolerance: Discover how to cope with stress and survive a crisis. Interpersonal: Learn to improve your interpersonal relationships. Emotional Wisdom: Understand feelings and increase emotional coping skills. Mindfulness: Relax, increase awareness, and improve concentration. Meaning Making: Increase mood management, resilience, and life satisfaction.
  • Questioning Career Transitions for PhD Students Christina Lambert, PhD 858-534-3035 / Joe Cribari, Career Services Center 858-534-3750 A five-session series, aims to help Ph.D. students work through questions about continuing an academic career track, discern types of work and environment that match individual skills and personality, identify transferable skills developed as a Ph.D. student, and examine values, priorities, alternatives, and goals for career next steps. Leader: Christina Lambert, Ph.D. and Joe Cribari (Career Services). Please call Career Services to sign up (858-534-3750).
  • Peak Performance and Self-Hypnosis Rhonda Hackshaw, PhD / 858-534-5981 Interested in enhancing your health, excelling athletically, reducing your stress, or boosting your self confidence? Self-hypnosis exercises can assist you in accomplishing your goals. This 6-week experience will be tailored to participants with a view towards healthful living.
  • Steps to Success Undergraduate International Students Rina Schul, PhD / 858-534-1768 Calling all undergraduate international students! Learn how to succeed at UCSD. Improve your time management & study skills. Learn to deal with stress. Understand how social norms may affect your academic effectiveness. All in a supportive, friendly atmosphere. Meets at the International Center!
  • Success with ADHD Group Dane Ripellino, PsyD / 858-534-1725 This group is for graduate or undergraduate students who have any of the symptoms of ADHD. You do not need the diagnosis to participate. If you have trouble concentrating, organizing, procrastination being distracted, you may be a good candidate for the group. It is a 6 week support group where members will share their experiences and strategies for management of the symptoms associated with ADHD. A pre group interview is required, as is attendance for all 6 sessions.
  • Stress Mgt through Relaxation Training & Biofeedback Tiffany O'Meara, PhD / 858-534-1579 A basic introduction to relaxation training is offered through this group. Participants learn ways to remain calm during stressful situations. A variety of methods, including biofeedback, muscle relaxation and positive self-talk will be introduced. Co-facilitated by a Wellness Peer Educator!
  • Wellness and Relaxation 101 Rhonda Hackshaw, PhD / 858-534-5981 Approaching wellness from a holistic perspective, this introductory course blends practices from ancient traditions with the knowledge of contemporary science. Through experiential exercises, introductory teachings, and brief discussions we will embark upon a guided exploration of tension-reducing skills. What benefits reveal themselves when anxiety is dissolved? You may be surprised. In addition to promoting relaxation while in the group, you will have the chance to develop inner tools using breath, body awareness, meditation, and principles of gentle yoga to enhance functioning in your daily life.

Drop-In Forums

  • Muslim Sisters' Community Forum Dr. Sheva Assar / 858-246-2271 Join us for conversations about our experiences as Muslim women and connect with other Muslim sisters on campus. This forum will provide an open and supportive space for members to discuss various topics, which may include family and gender roles and challenges, cultural and religious identity, romantic relationships, discrimination, conflict resolution, well-being, & etc.

    Dr. Sheva Assar and Asmaa Deiranieh, a Wellness Peer Educator, both identify as Muslim women and will facilitate this community conversation. CLICK FOR FLYER.
  • Graduate & Professional Students of Color Forum Dr. Niyatee Sukumaran / 858-534-3456 Join us to connect and discuss about various topics from a multicultural lens, which includes managing stress and improving well-being, communication with your advisor(s), dealing with imposter syndrome, family responsibilities, relationships (romantic or social), current sociopolitical climate, experiences of discrimination, etc. CLICK FOR FLYER.
  • Mindfulness for Daily Living Forum Elise Curry, PsyD / 858-534-2312 We will focus on 7 Mindfulness Practices to help you to have more well-being and contentment in your life and less stress and anxiety. This group is a drop-in format. You can come to all 8 sessions or any one session. Wear comfortable clothes. This group will be lead by Dr. Elise Curry, a CAPS psychologist, who has been an active meditator for the past 14 years. She is also a practicing Buddhist. Come join us!.
  • Men's Relationship Forum Greg Koch, PsyD / 858-534-3585 Join us for conversations about our experiences as gay men, and connect with other gay men on campus. The purpose of this forum is to empower gay men and provide a sense of community and support in their pursuit of establishing and maintaining long-term, stable gay relationships, especially in a heterosexist society that still largely frowns upon male/male partnerships and intimacy. This forum addresses relationships, sexual health, community building and more. We meet during Weeks 2-10 in the Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters on Mondays, 2:30-4:00pm, in the Women’s Center Small Group Room. Come join us!.
  • Asian Community Forum Samuel Park, PhD / 858-534-3755 This informal drop-in group is designed to address the concerns of Asian/Pacific Islander American students at UCSD in a supportive and problem-solving atmosphere. Issues such as career and academic success, family pressures, cultural identity, and relationships are common topics.
  • Black Women's Collective Doriane Besson, PhD / 858-534-0252 Join us for an informal conversation about our experiences as Black women and connect with other Black women on campus. Meets at the Women's Center.
  • Campus Black Forum Doriane Besson, PhD / 858-534-0252 Campus Black Forum was originally initiated at UCSD in the late 1970s, and facilitated by Psychologist Phil Rafeal, to enhance the socio-cultural experience of students of African descent and to build a sense of community among these students. Campus Black Forum provides a venue for students, staff and faculty to come together to discuss pertinent issues and concerns relevant to the Black community, and to receive important information that they can use in developing skills to enhance their experiences at UCSD and beyond. Participants will come together for one hour monthly meetings to be held at the UCSD’s Cross-Cultural Center, located in Price Center East.
  • Graduate Women in Engineering & Science (WISE) Forum Judy Goodman Fermin, PhD / 858-534-3755 A support group for women in the science fields where women are underrepresented. Discussion topics are selected by group members. This group will facilitate the development of: 1) a sense of community where each person enjoys a feeling of belonging, 2) support toward the attainment of goals, 3) self-empowerment in creating and maintaining visions for one’s personal and professional life.
  • Healthy Weight Management Forum CAPS and SHS Staff / 858-534-3755 / Student Health Services, Room 207 Get motivated & receive support to: Lose weight and keep it off; Set realistic goals; Manage time & stress more effectively; and much more! Student Health is offering a FREE Weight Management Group, facilitated by a Registered Dietitian, Psychologist, and a Physician. No Appointment Necessary. Meets at Student Health Services, Room 207.
  • Latina/o & Chicana/o Forum Monique Mendoza Crandal, PhD / 858-534-3755 Family, parents, economics, friends, relationships, culture and academics -- all these themes are explored toward the goal of graduation from UCSD.
  • Outside the Box Forum Cathy Thompson, PhD / 858-534-3755 This informal group is a safe space for students, faculty, and staff of mixed/multiracial/multiethnic and other non-dominant identities to share their experiences and discuss issues in an open and supportive, community atmosphere. Leader: Cat Thompson, Ph.D., 858-534-3987. Meets on Thursdays, 3:00 - 4:30pm, at the Cross-Cultural Center Tranquility Rm., Price Center East, 2nd Floor. This group is co-sponsored by the Cross Cultural Center.
  • Relaxation Forum Suzannah Flaherty, PsyD / 858-534-3751768 This informal drop-in meeting is designed toincrease your ability to manage stress through Guided Relaxation exercises. No registration or appointment necessary. No previous level of meditation or relaxation training experience needed.
  • Students Beyond Borders Rina Schul, PhD / 858-534-3751768 This informal drop-in meeting is meant to provide a safe space for international students to meet and discuss issues in an open and supportive community atmosphere. Non-international students with interest in cross cultural dialogue are also welcomed.

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