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Group Therapy and CAPS Forums (WINTER 2017)

Forums: Forums are a safe space where one or more UC San Diego staff members facilitate an open dialogue about ideas and views on a particular issue… Participation is usually identity-based… with a dropin format (i.e., you could attend one or all meetings unless otherwise noted in the description).

Groups: We offer 2 types of groups:

1) Support groups - Participants, who are having similar experiences/difficulties, provide support to one another while a group leader facilitates discussion.
2) Therapy groups - While group members are a valuable source of support, formal group therapy sessions could offer benefits beyond informal self-help and support groups. Group therapy sessions are led by one or more therapists with specialized training, who teach group members proven strategies for managing specific concerns, such as managing emotions or interpersonal difficulties.

Please note that groups (not forums) may require contacting the listed CAPS facilitator

Overview of Groups


Group: Graduate Students of Color Forum
Description: This drop-in forum covers topics from a multicultural lens including managing stress, communication with your advisor(s), family responsibilities, dealing with imposter syndrome, current sociopolitical climate, experiences of discrimination, etc.
Location: Student Services Center 300
Time: Winter 2017: Mondays 11 am – 12 pm
Notes: Leaders: Elisa Maldonado, Ph.D. Graduate Student Affairs Officer Diversity Outreach, Recruitment, & Retention Niyatee Sukumaran, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Resident (CAPS)

Description: Addresses relationships, sexual health, community building and more. Join us for conversations about our experiences as gay men, and connect with other gay men on campus.
Location: Women’s Center Small Group Room
Time: Mondays (Weeks 2-10), 2:30-4pm
Notes: Leader: Dr. Greg Koch, 858-534-3585

Group: Asian International Students Support Forum
Description: This informal drop-in group is designed as a safe place for Asian International students to come together to share their experiences, practice speaking English, and receive support and feedback from group members around topics related to adjustment issues, career and academic success, family pressures, and relationship concerns.
Location: Pepper Canyon Hall, Rm 223
Time: Winter Quarter 2017: February 13 - March 13 / Day: Mondays Time: 3-4:30 pm
Notes: Leader: Dr. Dianna Quach, 858-534-7710


Group: Kind Mind
Description: Increase your well­-being & inner peace; Improve academic & career confidence; Nurture your natural kindness instinct; Combat self­-criticism & perfectionism ; Overcome fear of failure; Strengthen your relationships; Learn Mindfulness and Self Compassion
Location: Graduate Student Lounge (1st floor of the Original Student Center)
Time: January 17 -­ March 14, 2017, 12-1PM
Notes: Leaders: Dr. Elise Curry and Dr. Dianna Quach

Description: For graduate & undergraduate Chicana/Latina women who are looking for a space for supportive talk/checkin time with manualidades/crafts.
Location: Raza Resource Centro
Time: Tuesdays, Noon-1:30pm (Weeks 2-10)
Notes: Dr. Hercilia Corona, 858-534-3755

Description: place to gain support while discussing your sexual &/or gender identities in a confidential setting. This group is for LGBTQ or straight folks who are coming out, considering coming out or may already be out. Members determine the topics, which can include stress, fear, anxiety, loneliness, excitement & celebration with regard to coming out.
Location: Women’s Center Small Group Room
Time: JOIN ONLY DURING WEEKS 1-3. Tuesdays,4-5:30pm
Notes: Leaders: Dr. Cat Thompson, 858-534-3987 & Agustin Orozco, MA


None at this time


Group: Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)
Description: Support group for women in the science fields where women are underrepresented. Members select discussion topics. This group will facilitate the development of: 1) a sense of community where each person enjoys a feeling of belonging, 2) support toward the attainment of goals, 3) self-empowerment in creating and maintaining visions for one’s personal and professional life.
Location: CAPS Central Office, Galbraith Hall 190
Time: Thursdays, Noon-1:30pm
Notes: This group is by referral only. To see if it is a good fit for you, please contact Leader: Dr. Judy Goodman Fermin, 858-534-9799

Group: Anger and Conflict Management
Description: Anger & Conflict Management How to Manage Emotions and Fight Fair All relationships inevitably involve conflict. Simply put, people irritate us and make us mad. But few of us know how to deal with our anger in a constructive and productive way. And it is not our fault. No one ever taught us how to fight fair. Join us for three 90 minute sessions to learn how to deal with conflict and anger. You will leave with valuable information that will help you improve your relationships, receiving both practical tips and a deeper understanding of where anger comes from and how to control it. • 25 Helpful Hints for Fighting Fair • The Surprising Goal of Arguments • 7 Ways to Calm Down Before You Blow Up • Why You Keep Having the Same Argument Over and Over • How to Understand the Anger Cycle
Location: Murray’s Place Student Health Services
Time: February 2nd, 16th, 23rd 3:00-4:30 PM
Notes: Leader: Scott Hansen, PhD, (858) 534-5915

Description: Safe space for students, faculty, & staff of mixed/multiracial/multiethnic & other non-dominant identities to share their experiences & discuss issues in an open and supportive, community atmosphere.
Location: CCC, Tranquility Room
Time: Thursdays, 3-4:30pm
Notes: Leader: Dr. Cat Thompson, 858-534-3987 *Co-sponsored by the CCC

Group: Flourish @ UC San Diego
Description: Learn how you can flourish in this workshop led by Dr. Ronald Ma and a peer educator. They provide: an introduction to relaxation and mindfulness; knowledge for increasing your understanding of flourishing via social connections and self-compassion; guidance for how you could improve self-care.
Location: CAPS Central Office, Galbraith Hall 190
Time: Thursdays, 3-4PM
Notes: Leader: Dr. Ronald Ma,

Description: Join us for conversations about our experiences as Black women and connect with other women on campus. Light refreshments will be provided.
Location: Women’s Center
Time: Every Other Week on Thursdays (Starting Week 2), 5-6:30pm
Notes: Leaders: Dr. Cat Thompson, 858-534-3987


Group: Breaking Barriers: An Intercultural Conversation Hour
Description: The drop-in forum is a safe space for students of all backgrounds to discuss current events and to both learn from and support one another. The purpose of the forum is to gain greater awareness of our intersecting cultural identities and to discuss areas of conflict with others that may arise due to differing ideologies. Through open dialogue, the hope is to foster greater appreciation for diversity, understanding of self and others, and building community.
Location: Cross Cultural Center, Conf Rm
Time: Fridays, Weeks 3-9, 11AM-12PM
Notes: Leader: Dr. Ronald Ma, (858) 534-9179

Group: Asian American Community Forum
Description: This informal drop-in group is designed to talk about topics relevant to Asian Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, Desi American (APIMEDA) students at UCSD in a supportive and problem-solving atmosphere. Issues such as career and academic success, family pressures, cultural identity, and relationships are common topics.
Location: Cross Cultural Center, Conf Rm
Time: Winter Quarter 2017: Weeks 1-10 Time: Fridays 12:00-1:00pm
Notes: Leaders: Dr. Dianna Quach (858-534-7710) and Dr. Leah Heng-Tappero (858-534-5905)

Description: This group discusses several aspects of ADHD, sharing strategies and experiences for better management of these symptoms. Whether or not you have been diagnosed with ADHD, you are welcome to attend if you have concerns about inattention and/or hyperactivity and impulsivity.
Location: Office for Students with Disabilities UCtr 202 (Behind Center Hall)
Time: Feb. 3; Feb. 10; Feb. 17; Feb. 24; & March 3 (Fridays), Noon-1PM
Notes: Leader: Dr. Ginger Villareal Armas, (858) 246-2271

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