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Tritons Flourish Initiative


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Let's Flourish Tritons! Tritons Flourish (TF) is an initiative for the Student Health and Wellbeing Cluster. Its mission is to develop and provide resources for UC San Diego students to improve mental health and increase well-being. Below are TF resources. If you have any questions about the TF program, please contact Dr. Tiffany O'Meara at 858-534-3755.

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Handouts and Flyers


Tritons Flourish Videos


CAPS & Recreation: learn@lunch Series

 Video 1: Get Up Tritons! Flourish at UCSD - Dr. Tiffany O'Meara


Video 2: Get Up Tritons! Resilience and Mindset - Dr. Julie Badaracco


CAPS & Health Promotion Services: Yoga Zone Series

 Week 1: Yoga Zone - Dr. Dianna Quach


Week 2: Yoga Zone - Dr. Dianna Quach

Resources to Flourish during the COVID-19 Epidemic



CAPS iFlourish Tech Offerings provide students with technology, app-based self-help resource. All services are FREE to students:



UC San Diego Recreation provides daily videos that help enhance our overall well-being and help us get up and out! This is a daily email sent at 10am, 12pm (Learn @ Lunch) and 2pm that provides instructional exercise videos you can follow from the comfort of your desk, office, or home. Additionally, there is a Learn @ Lunch series that reviews a variety of well-being topics to help you flourish. Click the link to subscribe to these videos! 



The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley conducts cutting edge research on well-being and provides the results to the general public. The Greater Good Magazine provides biweekly articles, videos, podcasts and a monthly happiness calendar that are relevant to well-being. This is a great way to stay connected, access the newest research and learn new tips to enhance your well-being. Sign up for the Greater Good Magazine today! 



UCSD Health Promotion Services has started a weekly podcast called “Live Well, Be Well” that focuses on overall wellness! Some of the topics that will be covered include: stress management, sex and relationships, alcohol and cannabis, and various other topics. This is a great resource to help you feel connected and find new ways to live a life of wellness! 



PsyberGuide offers a list of online resources that may be helpful during the COVID-19 epidemic. The list of helpful apps includes resources for mental health and well-being, entertainment, health and fitness, learning, and more! 



The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at UCSF has created this comprehensive resource on "Emotional Well-Being and Coping During COVID-19." This resource includes tips and skills for: • Strengthening emotional well-being and coping skills during this time • Using Coping skills to manage stress • Experiencing and coping with trauma, moral injury, and grief • Maintaining good sleep • Maintaining physical activity • Reducing online stress