Red Folder Resources and Training

Welcome to the Red Folder Resources page. With the assistance of many dedicated UCSD administrators, faculty, and staff, we developed our Red Folder, which includes emergency protocols, contacts, and resources to assist you in recognizing and responding to students in distress. Below is a list of our Red Folder and other resource offerings:

Red Folder File
All faculty and staff are encouraged to have a copy of this form for reference Download the Red Folder(PDF format). This resource includes information, contact information, and instructions on how to consult with campus administrators in working with distressed students or difficult situations.

Mobile Red Folder
The Mobile Red Folder is also available for your smartphone or tablet. Have all the tools of the Red Folder at your fingertips.

Red Folder Training LIVE
Case Management Services provides both live and online training on the Red Folder, including information on FERPA, HIPAA, and confidentiality laws. Red Folder training is available for UCSD staff and/or department. To request a presentation, please complete a Red Folder Outreach Presentation Request online or contact Dr. Monique Crandal at 858-822-2614.

Red Folder ONLINE
CAPS provides the Red Folder online training directly from our website. Note: this training is not linked with your UCSD Staff Education training portfolio. Your computer or device will need to support Flash video to play this online training.

Red Folder @ STAFF ED
UCSD Staff Education offers the online version of the Red Folder training. The content is identical to that of the live presentation. Upon completion, this training will be listed in your StaffEd training portfolio.

Red Folder Review
Use this one-page review, How to Help a Student in Need, for easy access for staff and faculty when needed.

CAPS/SHS Release of Information
The CAPS/SHS Release of Information allows communication between Case Management Services and CAPS/SHS. A student may authorize the disclosure of health information (and decide how much to disclose) to individuals and organizations other than health care providers.

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP)
FSAP is a free, confidential service designed to help all university employees resolve concerns that may be affecting personal well-being and/ or job performance. Individual, confidential appointments with an FSAP counselor are also available.

Download Center
Download CAPS forms, brochures, handouts, flyers, and relaxation audio recordings!

Self-Help Library
Our extensive CAPS Self-Help library.

Principal Administrators

College Title Name Phone
Revelle College Dean of Student Affairs Sherry Mallory 858-534-3493
Muir College Dean of Student Affairs Patricia Mahaffey 858-534-3587
Marshall College Dean of Student Affairs Wendy Bashant 858-534-4390
Warren College Dean of Student Affairs Claire Palmer 858-534-1720
Roosevelt College Dean of Student Affairs Patricia Scott 858-534-2237
Sixth College Dean of Student Affairs Diane LeGree 858-822-5953
Graduate Division Assistant Dean of Student Affairs April Bjornsen 858-534-3550
School of Medicine Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Carolyn Kelly 858-534-3700
Skaggs School of Pharmacy Student Affairs Officer Kim Ciero 858-822-5581

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