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Resources for BIPOC Students

Community Forums

CAPS Community Forums are identity and experience-based spaces in which students can meet with other students who share similar identities and experiences. These are spaces where students can focus on building connections, sharing and exchanging ideas, and learning from each other. Check out our offering schedule for APIMEDA/BIPOC students.

CAPS Calendar

Check out the calendar of workshops and other programs being offered at CAPS. You can search for community specific programs by using #BIPOC, #LGBTQ, #International.


Headspace for Tritons is here! The popular mindfulness app and all its upgraded "Plus" features, is now FREE for registered UC San Diego students! This resource includes guided meditations and content that is specifically designed for BIPOC. Programs include:

  • Cultivating Black Joy
  • Navigating Injustice
  • The Shine Collection (a network of mindfulness teachers and guides committed to providing culturally responsive mindfulness practices to diverse communities)

Sign up on our iFlourish page.

Telus Health Student Support

Telus Health Student Support provides University California, San Diego students living or residing internationally or Outside California with immediate and/or ongoing confidential, 24-hour support for any school, well-being, or general life concern at no cost to students. If you are currently living out of the country, Telus Health is a mental health resource for you.

Community Organizations and Resources

Below is a list of community organizations and services for a variety of BIPOC communities. Many of these community organizations offer free or low-cost services and resources. These organizations may or may not take your insurance. Please remember it is your responsibility to verify and understand your insurance coverage and what your out-of-pocket costs will be; and to verify that the community organizations are within your insurance network, or will provide affordable resources.

BIPOC General Resources

QTBIPOC Resources

AAPI Resources

Black/African American Resources

Indigenous/Native American Resources

Latinx/Latine/Chicanx Resources