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Groups, Workshops, & Forums at CAPS


Group approaches to personal growth are frequently the most effective way to explore and support changes you may wish to make in your life. Through these formats, students can gain specific skills and strategies to meet personal goals, explore areas that present personal challenges, and gain support and encouragement from other students. CAPS offers a wide range of Groups in various formats to serve the diverse needs of the UCSD Community. These formats are:



Workshops meet regularly. Because these workshops focus on the acquisition and practice of specific skills, these workshops typically meet for a shorter period of time (e.g., one quarter) than the other group formats. To join one of our workshops, please contact the leader(s) to get more information.

Community Forums

Community Forums are drop-in groups that meet throughout the academic year and do not require weekly attendance.

WINTER 2024 Schedule (pdf)

Psychotherapy Groups

These groups typically meet weekly throughout the quarter except where indicated. Regular attendance is expected. To join one of these groups, please contact the leader(s) to get more information.

If you have any further questions about Groups, please contact the CAPS Central Office at (858) 534-3755.


CAPS Calendar

CAPS Calendar of Events, Groups, Workshops and Forums

  • You can also access event information from our CAPS Calendar page.

Psychoeducational Workshops

Psychoeducational Workshops


Tritons RISE Workshops

Tritons Rise TogetherJoin CAPS and our partners with our RISE Performance Workshops. Based on principles from peak performance and the field of positive psychology, our RISE Workshops are here to promote you reaching your peak in all areas of your life: emotional, physical, and social. 

Visit our Tritons RISE Together page for more information.

Community Forums

Winter 2024 Schedule (pdf)

NOTE: These meetings are not professional counseling. If you would like professional counseling or mental health treatment, please call the CAPS central office at (858) 534-3755 or go to our Getting Started page to arrange an appointment.

Psychotherapy and Support Groups

Psychotherapy & Support Groups

If you are interested in joining a psychotherapy group, please contact the group leader to schedule a group screening appointment. Currently psychotherapy groups meet virtually. Prior to the first group meeting, participants will need to complete the Group Virtual Consent Form and send the form back to the group leader through MyStudentChart or the MyChart app.

Taming Anxiety Group

Tiffany O'Meara

Manage stress, tame anxiety, and work on your well-being.This is a CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) group to learn how to better manage stress and anxiety. Topics covered include how to identify and change anxious thought patterns, reducing worry and avoidance, managing panic, improving sleep, and increasing well-being. Each week students will learn effective strategies that they can immediately apply to help tame anxiety. 


  • Tiffany O'Meara, Ph.D. (858-534-1579)
  • Contact Dr. O'Meara at for more information about how to join the group.
  • Time: Wednesdays, 1:30-3:00pm
  • Location: Student Health Services (contact Dr. O'Meara for more information)

Building Social Confidence Group

Tiffany O'Meara

Would you like to improve the quality of social interactions and the availability of social support? This group focuses on identifying fears related to social situations, reducing self-defeating coping patterns and strengthening effective social skills. It combines an educational and support approach. Topics covered are tailored for each group, and have included building conversation skills (how to start, sustain, and end conversations), assertiveness training, how to speak up in class, and how to reduce anxiety in social situations such as dating, parties, or professional meetings.

This group is not offered in the Winter quarter, but if you are interested in joining in a future quarter, please send an email to Dr. Tiffany O'Meara, Ph.D. at or fill out the request form Online to be added to the group list.

Advanced Building Social Confidence/Advanced Anxiety Group

Tiffany O'Meara

This is a group for students who have completed one quarter of the Building Social Confidence OR Taming Anxiety group and would like to continue to work on reducing anxiety, increasing comfort in social situations and increasing their self-confidence. Students get more individualized attention in this group, and topics are dictated by the group members. Come share your own experiences and challenges, and get feedback and support from a caring group of students who share similar experiences. Once you've completed one BSC or TA group, you may join the Advanced group at any time while you are here at UCSD!


  • Tiffany O'Meara, Ph.D. (858-534-1579)
  • Contact Dr. O'Meara at for more information
  • Time: Mondays, 1-2:30pm
  • Location: Student Health Services (contact Dr. O'Meara for more information)

Body Image Group

Allie-Wagner1_web.jpgroselee-ledesma_headshot.jpgThis is a group to create space for understanding the many factors that influence our relationship with our bodies and to find different strategies for moving toward healing with your body. It uses evidence-based techniques to change the way you think about, feel about, and interact with your body.

This group is for students who are already in the SHW ED Treatment Program. This group is not offered in the Winter quarter, but if you are interested in learning more contact your CAPS Therapist.


Building Social Skills Group

David-Diaz_1-web.jpgPEERS® for Young Adults is an evidence-based social skills program designed for motivated young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who are interested in making friends and building relationships. In these engaging workshops, students will learn social skills, watch video demonstrations, and practice these skills during group socialization activities! Students make a commitment to attend 8 weekly group sessions for 90 minutes per week. Students do not need to be diagnosed with ASD in order to attend the group. This group is for any student who struggles in social situations, is having difficulty making and sustaining friendships, and wants to learn/ enhance social skills. 


  • David Diaz, Ph.D. (858-534-3755)
  • Please contact Dr. Diaz at to express interest in joining the group.
  • Time: Fridays, 2-3:30pm
  • Location: In-person but location TBD
  • Flyer (PDF)

DBT Skills Group

Allie-Wagner1_web.jpgsarah-bromley_1-web.jpgThis group is focused on learning tangible skills for increasing awareness of the present moment, understanding and changing emotional experiences, and tolerating distress without using eating disorder behaviors.

This group is not offered in the Winter quarter, but if you are interested in joining in a future quarter, please discuss this with your CAPS therapist.

  • Allie Wagner, Ph.D. and Sarah Bromley, LCSW
  • This group is for students who are already in the SHW Eating Disorders Program. For more information, contact your CAPS therapist.

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