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Services for Graduate and Professional School Students

Welcome UC San Diego Graduate and Professional School Students! CAPS recognizes the complex challenges and demands that UC San Diego Graduate and Professional School Students face, and we understand the importance of providing a variety of services, specifically designed to support Graduate and Professional School Students. While the majority of CAPS offerings are open to Graduate and Professional School Students, see below for programming created especially for UC San Diego Graduate and Professional School Students.

CAPS offers the following services specifically for Graduate and Professional Students who are navigating through these challenges. Graduate and Professional Students who have paid current UC San Diego registration fees are eligible for services. Below is a list of our offerings.


CAPS Virtual Services for Graduate and
Professional School Students (PDF)

Counseling Services

Individual Counseling
  • CAPS provides confidential, short-term individual counseling for registered UC San Diego Graduate and Professional Students, including departments within Graduate Division, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, School of Medicine, Skaggs School of Pharmacy, and Rady School of Management.
  • Please visit our Services page for more detailed information about individual counseling services, appointments, and counseling process.
  • To make an appointment, please call our Central Office at 858-534-3755.

Let's Talk Services

Let's Talk provides informal support with issues such as stress/worry, sleep, motivation, focus, recovering from setbacks, work/life changes, and relationships (personal and professional). Visit the Let's Talk page for detailed information and instructions.

Groups, Workshops, and Forums

CAPS is proud to offer over 20 unique groups, workshops, and forums each quarter. Groups range from traditional psychotherapy groups, to psychoeducational workshops, and drop-in forums. Visit our Groups page for detailed information or the calendar on the GAPSWell page.

Referral Services

CAPS provides referral services for students who are referred to outside providers. Reasons for referrals to outside providers include: need for treatment at a rate that would exceed our short-term service model, or a referral to a specialist for particular conditions.

  • For students with UC SHIP insurance only, CAPS and Student Health Service administers the paperwork required for referrals.
  • For students without UC SHIP or are double-covered with another insurance plan, they must comply with referral procedures required by the non-SHIP insurer.

CAPS staff will assist in matching the student with a provider who can best meet their treatment goals. In addition, Live Health Online is an televideo option for mental health services that does not require a referral. Please visit the Live Health Online page for more information. If you have any questions about our referral process, please contact our Central Office at (858) 534-3755.


CAPS provides consultation to students who have general mental health questions or concerns about a fellow student or friend. We will provide as much assistance as possible. Due to confidentiality laws, however, we may not be able to provide information about your friend if they are utilizing our services.


CAPS staff provide presentations at the campus wide New Graduate Student Orientation, as well as the School of Medicine New Student Orientation and School of Pharmacy New Student Orientation. CAPS also provides workshops for groups of graduate students in UC San Diego’s Graduate and Professional School Programs. Graduate School Program Coordinators are invited to request the workshops online. Select Presentation by CAPS. 10 student minimum. One month advance notice preferred.

Request a Program

The Graduate and Professional Student Well-Being Associates (GAPSWell) provide online programs for Graduate Division and the professional schools. Learn more about GAPSWell Associates or request a program.


Do I have to pay for counseling?

CAPS counseling and psychiatry services are free to all graduate and professional school students who pay student services fees at UC San Diego. There is a $20 no-show or late cancellation charge for missed appointments, or for canceling your appointment less than 24 hours in advance.

Is it possible to receiving couples counseling if my partner is not student?


Yes! As long as one person is a registered UC San Diego student, the couple can seek counseling. The non-UC San Diego partner will need to complete a set of paper forms prior to the first meeting. Please call our Central Office at 858-534-3755 to make an appointment or for more information.

Will I run in to students I teach in the CAPS waiting room?


There is a possibility that you may wait in an area with students to whom you teach or mentor. If you feel uncomfortable, please inform the front desk person to discuss your needs. Because CAPS is located at 8 different locations, the chances of running into one of your students is reduced.

Will I be the only graduate student in the group?

Most of our groups are a mix of both undergraduate and undergraduate students. If you would like a group exclusive to graduate students, we have those too. See the Groups & Workshops section above.

I'm not sure I want to continue with my program and don't know what to do.

CAPS and GrAdvantage offer specialized workshop called Questioning Career Transitions which helps students work through questions and concerns about their academic programs and career track. Additionally, students can seek support from their academic programs or speak to a counselor at CAPS.

How can I balance my family/partnership/relationship and graduate school?

Managing multiple roles can definitely be difficult and stressful. CAPS offers individual counseling to provide support in finding balance with multiple roles. We also offer support groups such as the Graduate Student Support which addresses common concerns and issues among graduate students.

I'm anxious about public speaking and now I have to teach a class. What can I do?

Public speaking is a common concern for individuals. The grAdvantage Program offers offers many resources, including their Communication Skills Development program. Additionally, the Building Social Confidence Group helps students decrease their anxiety in social situations, and would likely help increase your confidence when leading a discussion.